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Fascial Release BioMat Sessions are a great detox and energy blockage remover for the extremities - and it feels so good!

While on the BioMat for typically 60 minutes, specific fascia areas are addressed encouraging better circulation and restoring balance to the Central Nervous System.

The pace is almost imperceptible - one stroke of your arm will take minutes! The results are simply blissful. Whether you are recovering from illness, injury, stress or fatigue; you can expect to feel refreshed, have more mental clarity, and enjoy the benefits of detox and better cell nutrition.

This smoothing technique was developed to offer a more passive, approachable alternative energy medicine method. It couples intutive insight and the fascial release techniques as taught by the Internationally Acclaimed Tom Myers; author of Anatomy Trains.

Fascial release support has been shown to increase the amount of time Chiropratic adjustments last by supporting the cells surrounding the adjustment area; encouraging the body towards it's unique tensegrity.

Thomas Myers; author of Anatomy Trains~of wh