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Welcome to my blog, where I see the world through Darla's eyes.  Darla is my muse: a winged horse I saw in a dream and her courage planted the seed that grew into Darla-Prana Healing. She is my touchstone who guides me inward to help me recognize my work. She reminds me that you never know where your work will take you. Sat Nam friends ~ or as Darla would say "Dear loved one...Breathe!"



Fulfillment and Balance are Processes, not a Destination.

"Fulfillment is an exercise in choice not something that will happen someday. The things and relationships we have are a reflection of our fulfillment but not fulfillment itself." - Co-active Coaching, 3rd edition.

Racing towards being full is like trying to stitch two sheets of water together. If each day can nourish you and fill you without being emptied, then the nows are possible. If the nows are possible, then we can observe and experience each emotion knowing that tomorrow we can be full again.

I like to think of fulfillment as a Mother's heart. With each new child entering Her fold, the Maternal heart expands. This nourishment is not at the expense of Her other children, but because of them. A Mother's heart is a container which gets bigger and bigger the more and more she fills her children with her grace.

The power is in the choices we feel free to make, knowing that we can be full again.

For me, fulfillment equals growth.
The growth of a Maternal heart.
The process of observing my choices.
The freedom to succeed and, more meaningfully, to fail.
The expansion of my "container" to adjust and hold my essence without the need for limiting my beliefs.

Tomorrow I will be full again.